Star Anise Foods Happy Pho Zesty Ginger Brown Rice Noodle Soup

Star Anise Foods Happy Pho Zesty Ginger Brown Rice Noodle Soup

Star Anise Foods

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2 servings inside. Noodles & spice packet. Gluten free. Low sodium. Easy to make. What is Pho? Pho (pronounced 'fuh') is a delicious, healthy Vietnamese soup packed with fresh herbs and rice noodles. Sounds simple yet the taste is anything but. Thought to have originated in the 1920s as a
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Salt, Ginger, Water, Organic Green Tea, Spring Onion, Black Cardamom, Spice Packet: Organic Star Anise, Organic Saigon Cinnamon, Brown Rice Noodles: Brown Rice


Cooking Instructions: 2 easy ways to cook. Pho Soup: Cooking Time: 8 minutes. Ingredients You Will Need: 4 cups chicken/vegetable broth (for low sodium, use water); 1/2 lb thinly sliced chicken/tofu; 1 cup chopped green onion; 1/8 tsp minced ginger. Step 1: Boil broth/water (for low sodium, use water). Add spice packet and chicken/tofu in a saucepan. Step 2: Add noodles. Heat approx 1 minute until noodles are tender. Add green onion & ginger. Serve immediately. Pho Stir Fry: Cooking Time: 3 minutes. Ingredients You Will Need: 2 tbsp toasted sesame oil; 2 cups chopped bok choy (optional). Step 1: Boil water (4 cups). Cook noodles for 1 minute. Drain & rinse. Toss with toasted sesame oil thoroughly. Step 2: On low heat in saucepan, saute noodles with 1/4 spice packet & bok choy for 1 minute. Salt to taste. Serve.

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