Spike Original Magic! Gourmet Natural Seasoning

Spike Original Magic! Gourmet Natural Seasoning


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Excitement starts here. Spike adds zip and zest to all foods! From the Italian kitchens of internationaly acclaimed gourmet nutritionists, Gayelord Hauser, comes this special blend of 39 flavorful herbs, vegetables and non - irradiated exotic spices with just the right amount of salt crystal
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Salt Crystals (Earth and Sea), Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (no added MSG), Soy Granules, Mellow Toasted Onion, Nutritional Yeast, Garlic, Orange Powder, Dill, Kelp, Horseradish, Mustard Flour, Orange and Lemon Peel, Celery Granules and Powder, Sweet Green and Red Bell Peppers, Parsley Flakes, Celery Root Powder, White Pepper, Turmeric, Rosehips, Summer Savory, Onion Powder, Parsley Powder, Mushroom Powder, Coriander, Fenugreek, Basil, Cayenne Pepper, Spinach Powder, Cloves, Cumin, Ginger, Marjoram, Oregano, Thyme, Tarragon, Cinnamon, Safflower, Paprika, Tomato, Rosemary, Celery Seed.


Eye opener (Healthy Bloody Mary) mix 1/2 tsp. (or to taste) of Spike original magic! Seasoning or Spike salt free magic! Into 6 oz. chilled tomato juice. 35 calories; 0.1 gram fat; 1.4 grams protein. Contains no chemical free flowing agents. Please keep bag closed and store in cool, dry place. Stir if caked. Spike up your life today!

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