Quantum Invisible Cold Sore Bandage

Quantum Invisible Cold Sore Bandage


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0.47 inch. Covers & protects day or night. Soothes/hydrocolloid technology. Protects from irritants/contaminants. Stops contact with tongue/fingers. Masks: use with makeup/lipstick. Latex-free. Lasts for hours. Water resistant. The barely visible protective bandage for cold
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Silicone Coated Release Liner, Hydrocolloid (Absorbent), Polyurethane Film (Outer Layer Backing)


Apply at the first sign of cold sore symptoms (tingling, itching or pain). 1) Gently wash the infected area with soap and water and pat dry. 2) Separate a single bandage along perforations. 3) Remove bandage from liner. Apply to cold sore. 4) Mold bandage to cold sore by gently smoothing with finger.

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