Maine Coast Kelp, Wild Atlantic Kombu

Maine Coast Kelp, Wild Atlantic Kombu

Maine Coast

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Main Coast Sea Vegetables. Great in salads, snacks, soups, stirfries. Certified organic - OCIA. USDA organic. Please re-use this bag. About responsible packaging: Certified Organic Kelp: Similar to Japanese Kombu. Delicious as is, soaked, simmered, sauteed
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Low Temperature Dried Kelp (Saccharina Lattisima).


Basic Prep: Our wild kelp comes to you without processing or washing out any of its mineral richness. Please check for occasional tiny hidden pebbles or shells in the fronds. Some plants may be partially covered with a white powder of natural salts and sugars that precipitate from their cells during storage. Don't worry, this is normal, as are occasional spots on the fringes of more mature fronds. Keep unused kelp in this ziplock out of extreme light, heat or moisture. Here are a few tip: Kelp expands about 40% in liquid and will absorb up to five times its weight. Uncooked kelp is chewy until soaked or marinated. To fully tenderize, simmer 15-20 min., pressure cook 5 min., roast 3-4 min. at 300 degrees, or pan fry 4-5 min. until crisp. Kelp in Soups: Replace chicken or beef stock with kelp stock. Simmer 5 inch strip per qt. of liquid, at least 10 min. and remove if desired. Leave kelp in for richer broth, or remove, chop and reintroduce as part of your soup. Reduces or eliminates the need for extra salt. Kelp in Salads: Contributes broad mineral nutrition to your greens. Tenderize kelp by soaking (1 hr.), marinating (1-24 hrs.), blanching, roasting or panfrying (see basic prep). Chop or crumble into bite-sized pieces and toss with salad. Add dry kelp to any pickle recipe for a sea treat. Kelp in Beans: Natural glutamates in kelp will enhance flavors and tenderize high protein foods like beans. Add 5 inch strip to your bean cooking water. Leave kelp in for at least 10 min. For a thick, rich bean broth, leave kelp in until beans are cooked. No need to add salt. Kelp as a Snack or Garnish: Tear, cut of snip kelp into bite-sized pieces: Roast at 300 degrees for 3-5 min. Dry-roast in skillet on low until crisp. Press into well-oiled medium skillet until crisp. Sprinkle these chips on salads, grains, pasta or into your mouth!

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