Maine Coast Dulse Wild Atlantic Sea Vegetable

Maine Coast Dulse Wild Atlantic Sea Vegetable

Maine Coast

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Main Coast sea vegetables. Certified organic - OCIA. USDA organic. Please re-use this bag. Great in salads, snacks, soups, stirfries. About responsible packaging: Certified organic. Delicious as a healthy snack. Low temperature sun dried, enzyme active
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Low Temperature Dried Dulse (Palmaria Palmata)


Basic Prep: Our Dulse comes directly to you without processing or washing out any of its mineral richness. Please check for occasional tiny hidden pebbles or shells in the leaves. Store your Dulse in this bag out of extreme light, heat or moisture. If unused Dulse is too chewy for you, allow it to absorb some ambient moisture (steam kettle, damp towel, humid room) and in a few days it will be tenderized by its own live enzymes. Rinsing the Dulse briefly will tenderize it more quickly and make the taste less strong. Cooking with Dulse is a treat. It is fast and flavorful. Try pan-frying some leaves in a well-oiled skillet until they turn brownish and crisp. Kids love these chips. You can dry roast Dulse pieces in a medium hot skillet or low oven until the leaves turn greenish - not black (burned!). Crumble them on grains, soups, pasta, pizza or popcorn. Dulse in Salads: Adds tangy taste, rich color, mineral nutrition. Tear of scissor snip into bite-sized pieces. Mix 1/3 cup per serving. Let stand 5 min. or more. Great in Waldorf, Caesar, Greek or garden salads. Dulse in Soups: Adds unique seafood flavor to any potato, tomato or grain-based soup. Toss in about 1/4 - 1/3 cup per serving. Cooks immediately and changes color. Try some in chowder, minestrone, bouillabaisse. Reduces or eliminates the need for table salt. Dulse in Sandwiches: Boosts the flavor and nutrition of any creation. Add as-is to moist sandwiches; rinse quickly for dry. For crunchy Dulse, pan-fry or bake a few minutes. Until crisp and add at the last minute. Replace bacon in BLT's. Spice up Reubens and subs. Dulse in Stirfries: Complements most veggies. Great with tofu and tempeh and most seafood. Cut to bite-size; 1/4-1/3 cup per serving. Cooks immediately and changes color. Add to any stirfry and reduce normal salt or soy.

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