Lifeway Peaches and Cream Organic Kefir

Lifeway Peaches and Cream Organic Kefir


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What is Kefir?Kefir is a tart and tangy, creamy cultured milk smoothie that contains live and active probiotic cultures and is high in protein, calcium and vitamin D. Refreshing and effervescent, it has been popular in Eastern Europe for more than 2000 years. The Champagne of DairyKefir is called
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Pasteurized Cultured Organic Grade A Milk, Organic Cane Sugar, Pectin, Organic Peach Flavor, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Annatto Extract (For Color), Vitamin D3.


Shake well before opening. Keep refrigerated. Fermentation keeps kefir fresh until the expiration date stamped on the bottle, regardless of when you open it.

Always refer to the actual package for the most accurate information