LavAzza Premium House Blend Ground Coffee

LavAzza Premium House Blend Ground Coffee


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Italy's favorite coffee. Since 1895. Refined and delicate aroma. Roasting: Medium. Over a century of history in coffee, passionate dedication to absolute quality and creative discipline at the forefront of innovation make all Lavazza blends a truly unique and flavorful experience. Authentic
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100% Premium Arabica


Preparation: Measure 1 full tablespoon of coffee per 6 ounces (3/4 cup) of fresh water. Adjust the amount of coffee to suit your taste. Any type of filter and drip coffee maker can be used. Never allow coffee to boil. Conservation: After opening, keep your Lavazza coffee in the fridge in an airtight opaque container. 1. Lift the ring slowly and bend it back. 2. Pull up.

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