Flora Flor Essence Gentle Detox For The Whole Body

Flora Flor Essence Gentle Detox For The Whole Body


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Herbal Supplement. Premium herbal formula. Authorized by Elaine Alexander. Certified organic: Quality Assurance International. Non GMO Project verified. Flor-Essence supports the whole body in its natural elimination process. Elaine Alexander, the late Canadian health researcher and
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Slippery Elm Bark, Certified Organic Sheep Sorrel Herb, Watercress Herb, Certified Organic Kelp, Certified Organic Blessed Thistle Herb, Certified Organic Red Clover Blossom, Proprietary Blend: Certified Organic Burdock Root, Certified Organic Turkish Rhubarb Root


For complete directions and effective use of this product, see package insert. Each package in this box makes 32 fl oz (1 quart) for a total of 3 quarts of tea when prepared as directed. Keep out of the reach of children. Please store this package in a dry place. Once prepared, keep refrigerated and use within 3 weeks. Adults: Measure 2 fl oz of prepared tea and dilute with an equal or double amount of filtered water twice daily. Take on an empty stomach approximately 1/2 hour before breakfast and 1/2 hour before bedtime. Sip slowly.

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