Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Eye Pillow

Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Eye Pillow

Earth Therapeutics

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100% Pure silk. Use over the eyes to soothe strain + puffiness. Not tested on animals. Environmental friendly. Used and recommended by professional spas and salons. To use, lie down, breathe easy, and place the pillow gently over the eyes. filled with flax seed, this pillow weighs gently on tired
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Lavender, Citrus, Filled With Flax Seed


This package includes both a zippered pillow casing as well as a pillow cover to provide extra protection to the eyes. To clean, take off the pillow cover. Unzip the pillow casing, remove the fill, and set flax seed fill carefully aside. As the pillow cover and pillow casing are made of pure silk. please make sure to treat as a delicate fabric; and dry clean only. After dry cleaning, refill the pillow casing with the flax seed. If the aroma dissipates over time, take the flax seed fill out from its casing and spray Earth Therapeutics Pillow Mist directly onto the flax seed 3-4 times. Refill pillow casing with flax seed. It is important to remove the flax seed from its casing before performing this procedures.

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