Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Dulse Flakes

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Dulse Flakes

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

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Ready to use sea vegetables. Main Coast sea vegetables. Certified organic - OCIA. USDA organic. Please re-use this bag. Great in salads, snacks, soups, stirfries. About responsible packaging: Certified organic. Dear Dulse Lover, Maine Coast Dulse Flakes provide
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Low Temperature Dried Organic Dulse Flakes (Palmaria Palmata).


Dulse Flakes in Salads: Boost the minerals, trace minerals, and protein of any salad. Flakes are enzyme active too! Sprinkle on as garnish after salad is tossed or toss flakes with salad materials and they will absorb ambient moisture (1tablespoon/serving). Add to your dressing for a colorful, flavorful accent. Reduces extra salt. Red color darkens as flakes absorb moisture. Sea Salad: Combine dulse flakes, our nori granules, marinated alaria and/or soaked kelp with your favorite pasta. Dulse Flakes in Soups: Sprinkle on flakes as a colorful garnish just before serving (1 tablespoon/serving). Add to most any soup while cooking to give sea flavor and added nutrition. Use less salt or let dulse lakes be a salt substitute. When cooked, flakes lose their red color but add their distinctive taste to the broth. Dulse flakes in Stirfries: 1 Tablespoon/serving will bring a delicious seasoning of the sea to almost and stirfry. To retain rich red color, add dulse flakes just before serving. Reduce or eliminate other salt sources. Dulse's complement of minerals salts will give you a salty taste without much sodium.

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