Licefreee! Licefreee Spray! Instant Head Lice Treatment

Licefreee! Licefreee Spray! Instant Head Lice Treatment


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Non-toxic. 100% effective in killing lice & eggs (in vitro testing shows Licefreee Spray is 100% effective in killing both lice and nits when used as directed); starts working on contact; convenient, no rinse formula; no harmful pesticides residue. America's No. 1 non-toxic brand. Includes
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Active Ingredient - Purpose: Natrum Muriaticum 2X (Sodium Chloride, USP) - Pediculosis Remedy. Inactive Ingredients: Benzyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Poloxamer 188, Purified Water.


Adults and children 6 months and older: Shake well. Hold bottle 4 - 6" from head; spray on dry hair and entire scalp, starting at the hairline and working inward toward crown. Thoroughly saturate all hair and scalp; to be effective all lice and nits must come in full contact with the product. For best results, allow product to air dry naturally, do not rinse out. Dead lice and nits may be removed with a fine toothed comb, if desired. Once hair has dried completely, you may resume normal grooming habits (i.e. wash hair, style). Product may be used as often as desired; washing hair regularly is recommended to avoid product build-up. For body and crab lice, spray on affected areas and let dry. Children under 6 months of age: Do not use; consult a doctor. Other information: Store at 59 - 86 degrees F (15 - 30 degrees C).

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