Buddha's Brew Peach Mint Kombucha

Buddha's Brew Peach Mint Kombucha

Buddha's Brew

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Buddha's Brew founders began as Kombucha fanatics selling out of a Farmers Market stand, and now they’ve grown to be Kombucha scientists. Their microbrewery is in Austin, TX, nestled alongside a greenbelt with gardens and a creek. Their mission is to brew the most powerful, authentic Kombucha
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Dekkera Anomala, Dekkera Bruxellensis, Pure Organic Kombucha (Brewed in a Base of Purified Water, Kombucha Culture, Fair Trade Organic Tea & Fair Trade Evaporated Organic Cane Juice - Used for Fermentation), Probiotic Kombucha Cultures: Amount Per 16 Oz Bottle: 19 Billion Live Cultures, Gluconocetobacter Xylinus, Zygosaccharomyces Baili, Pichia Membranifaciens, Peach Juice and Fresh Peppermint


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