Murphy's Oil Soap Wood Cleaner, Original - 128 fl oz

Murphy's Oil Soap Wood Cleaner, Original - 128 fl oz

Murphy Oil Soap

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Murphy's Original Oil Soap, 128 fl oz:Safely cleans woodsContains 98% naturally derived ingredientsSpecially formulated with water, coconut and plant-derived cleaning ingredients, natural fragrance and 2% synthetic ingredientsTrusted for over 100 yearsDoes not contain ammonia or
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Specially Formulated with: Water, Coconut & Plant-Derived Cleaning Ingredients, Natural Fragrance, and 2% Synthetic Ingredients. Right to Know: Chemical Name: Water/Agua CAS 7732-18-5, Sodium Tallate/Talato De Sodio CAS 61790-45-2, Citronella Oil/Aceite De Citronela CAS 8000-29-1, Lauramidopropyldimethylamine Oxide/Oxido De Lauramidopropildimetilamina CAS 00064-02-8, Sodium Iminodisuccinate/Iminodisuccinato Sodico CAS 144538-83-0.

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