Elmers Washable Glue Stick

Elmers Washable Glue Stick

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No. 1 teacher brand. Goes on purple. Dries clear. Acid free. School projects. Paper. Decorations. Artwork. Fabric. Mount pictures. Acid free and photo safe. Let's bond! Visit elmers.com for project ideas. AP. ACMI: Art & Creative Materials Institute certified. Conforms to ASTM D 4236
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Uses: Great for kids! Purple color is easy to see when applying, but dries fast and colorless. Washes easily off hands and out of clothes. To Open/Close: Pull up cap with twisting motion. Turn base clockwise to raise stick - counter clockwise to retract. After use replace cap tightly to prevent drying product out. Application: Spread glue evenly on one surface. Combine immediately and press down. For stronger bond apply to both surfaces. Clean-Up: Wipe excess with a damp cloth. If necessary, soap and water may be used. Keep from freezing.

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