Tetra Easy Balance Plus Drops To Maintain Healthy Freshwater Aquariums

Tetra Easy Balance Plus Drops To Maintain Healthy Freshwater Aquariums


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Reduced frequent water changes. Keeps aquarium water biologically balanced for up to 6 months. Stabilizes pH and alkalinity (KH) levels vital for fish and plants. Reduces nitrates and phosphate. Nitrate reduction granules. A world innovation from Tetra. Regular use of EasyBalance reduces
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EasyBalance should not be used in aquarium with low oxygen conditions; proper aeration using an airstone is strongly recommended. Shake well before using. Add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of EasyBalance for every 5 gallons (about 19 liters) of aquarium water. Each raised mark on the side of the bottle equals 10 ml. Repeat dosage weekly. Change 50-75% of your aquarium’s water a least once every 6 months, provided EasyBalance has been added as recommended and the aquarium is otherwise properly maintained. (A properly maintained aquarium contains the correct stocking level of fish, proper aeration using an airstone, an efficient and regularly maintained filtration system and regular testing of vital water quality parameters. Note: EasyBalance is not a tap water conditioner and will not neutralize harmful chlorine or chloramines. When adding tap water to the aquarium it is recommended you always use Tetra AquaSafe according to its directions.)

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