Remedy+Recovery Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder, for Dogs, Cats & Birds

Remedy+Recovery Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder, for Dogs, Cats & Birds


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Professional Groomer's. Stop Bleeding will quickly stop blood due to clipping nails or wings, or for minor, superficial cuts to the skin such a nicks from shaving. It is not recommended for use on deep cuts that require stitches or on severe wounds or in body cavities. Manufactured in USA.
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Ferric Subsulfate, Bentonite, Potassium Aluminum Sulfate, Diatomaceous Earth, Ammonium Chloride.


Apply a pinch of styptic powder to the bleeding area, using moderate pressure until bleeding stops. Do not use in deep wounds, body cavities or burns. If bleeding does not stop, consult a veterinarian. You can apply Stop Bleeding powder directly to the bleeding area by pressing the toe nail directly in powder. You can also apply Stop Bleeding powder with a pre-moistened applicator (like a swab) dipped in Stop Bleeding powder. If using an applicator, use moderate pressure and hold on the area until bleeding stops. If you cannot get bleeding to stop using moderate pressure for 10-15 seconds, consult a veterinarian.

Always refer to the actual package for the most accurate information