Cat About Cat Grass Plus, Multi-Cat Size!

Cat About Cat Grass Plus, Multi-Cat Size!

Cat About

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Satisfies a cat's natural craving for grass. Easy! Special water absorbent additive. Water only once! Grows fresh grass straight from the container. See back panel for instructions before opening. Please recycle. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. YouTube.
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Wheat or Oat Seed, Vermiculite and Plantagel (Potassium Propenoate and Propenamide Copolymers). Plantagel is a Non-Toxic Water Absorbent Agent.


Instructions: 1. Open the lid. 2. Wet the granules with 2-1/2 cups of luke-warm water evenly. Water only once. 3. Place the container in a warm lighted area, avoiding direct sunlight. 4. After three days the grass will begin to germinate. 5. Within eight days seeds should be open and the grass can grow to its fullest height. 6. When the grass has reached a height of 2 to 4 inches you can serve it to your cat.

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