Ziploc Vacuum Storage Space Bag Variety Vacuum Seal Bags

Ziploc Vacuum Storage Space Bag Variety Vacuum Seal Bags from Kroger

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It protects items from moisture, mildew, insects, odors, and allergens . Vacuum-sealing drastically reduces the effects of oxidation and retards growth of mildew specifically. Ideal for storing clothing or bedding. The travel bag does not require a vacuum and is a perfect fit for luggage
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To re-open: Slide slider to end of zipper before opening bag. Pull sides gently apart from center of zipper. If bag is not opening while gently pulling, additional force may be needed. 1. Pack your bedding, clothing, gear–For best compression results: Fold clothes neatly and flat as possible. 2. Firmly press and slide slider slider across zipper two times to seal bag. 3. To vacuum out the air, use standard vacuum cleaner hose. Flip cap open, place the vacuum hose over the valve and turn it on. Close the cap when sufficient air has been removed. For bags that do not require a vacuum, please see instructions for the travel bag. 4. Store in your closet, under bed, garage, almost anywhere without sharp edges or rough surfaces.

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