Western Cookin Chunks, Mesquite

Western Cookin Chunks, Mesquite


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9.34 lt (576 cubic inches). Use instead of charcoal. Can add charcoal for wood smoke flavor. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! W W Wood, Inc. takes great pride in producing the world's finest cooking wood products. Regardless of how you use our wood we provide you with a 100% guarantee. Thanks for
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Lighting: To build your fire without starter fluid, stack Cookin Chunks in a pyramid around two crumpled sheets of newspaper. 1. Stack Cookin Chunks in a pyramid using either starter fluid or solid fire starters. 2. Let burn for 18-20 minutes with lid and all vents open. For milder flavor allow additional time for wood to cook-down. 3. Close vents and lid. Wait one minute for flames to subside. Spread Cookin Chunks evenly. Cook with lid closed. Cooking with lid closed prevents flaming and gives more real wood smoke flavor.

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