TheraPearl Contour Pack With Strap

TheraPearl Contour Pack With Strap


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TheraPearl� Reusable Hot & Cold Therapy Contour Pack with Strap. A New Degree of Relief�. TheraPearl, NFLPA. Conforms to your body to deliver soothing relief from: Elbow pain. Joint injuries. Sprained ankles & more! Proline�. NFLPA. Innovative Pearl Technology� provides maximum
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Intended use: reusable therapeutic hot & cold pack for use with common aches, pains, swelling and bruising. Cold therapy - freeze for at least 2 hours. Heat therapy - heat in microwave for specified time. Suggested heating time for (1) one TheraPearl contour pack. 700 watts-35 seconds-1000 watts-30 seconds-1250 watts-25 seconds. See full directions on pack prior to use and application. Directions: TheraPearl Pack should be applied to skin for doctor recommended time of 20 minutes. Remove and wait at least 20 minutes.Reapply pack for 20 minutes, if needed. Cold Therapy~Freeze at least 2 hours. Heat therapy-Microwave for time indicated below and test pack temperature. Heat for additional 5 seconds as needed until desired temperature is reached. Suggested heating time for (1) one Theraperal Contour Pack. 700 watts ~ 35 seconds. 1000 watts ~ 30 seconds. 1250 watts- 25 seconds.

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