Tarn-x Tarnish Remover

Tarn-x Tarnish Remover


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Wipe & rinse for a brilliant shine. For sterling silver, silver plate, platinum, copper, gold & diamonds. Same great formula! Always use full strength. This solution is non-flammable. Fully guaranteed not to harm recommended metals when used as directed. See website for additional
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1. Wear household gloves. 2. Clean object first by washing in warm soapy water and drying thoroughly. 3. Dip cotton ball or soft cloth in Tarn-X® and wipe on tarnished areas. Rinse thoroughly under cold water and wipe dry. For large items, apply Tarn-X® to about 1/3 of article at a time, then rinse thoroughly. Do not soak any object in Tarn-X® for over 2 minutes. 4. For heavily tarnished pieces, repeat above process until all tarnish is dissolved. Use in well ventilated area.

Always refer to the actual package for the most accurate information