Red Cross® Johnson & Johnson Large, Waterproof 2 7/8 X 4

Red Cross® Johnson & Johnson Large, Waterproof 2 7/8 X 4" Posted 4/28/2014 First Aid Covers Non-Stick Pads

Red Cross® Johnson & Johnson

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Pad Dimensions: 2-7/8 in. x 4 in. (7.3cm x 10.1cm). Ideal for covering minor surgical incisions. Designed for Better Protection: 100% waterproof to keep larger cuts, scrapes and minor surgical incisions dry, even through showering. Four walls of adhesive prevent dirt and germs from coming into
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1. Clean: Stop bleeding by applying pressure with Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS® Brand Hospital Grade Gauze Pads. Cleanse injured area gently and thoroughly with mild soap and water. Pat dry. 2. Treat: Treat wounds by applying NEOSPORIN® First Aid Antibiotic. 3. Protect: Cover injured area completely with a Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS® Brand Waterproof Pad to keep out water, dirt, and germs while your skin heals. To create a waterproof and germproof shield, firmly secure four walls of adhesive to the skin. For best results, apply bandage to clean, dry skin. Change bandage daily or more often if needed.

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