Philips Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush Soft

Philips Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush Soft


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Philips Sonicare Powerup Soft. #1 recommended brand by dental professionals. New. Better check - ups. Guaranteed1. Helps improve gum health. Gentle & effective cleaning


Save these instructions. Electromagnetic fields (EMF). This appliance complies with current standards regarding electromagnetic fields (EMF). If used as directed, this appliance is safe. Operating instructions: Note: not intended for use on multiple patients in a dental practice or institution. 1. Pull battery cap down. Install 2 size 1.5 V AA Alkaline batteries. Proper battery direction is indicated under cap. Do not use the product without battery cap installed. 2. Install brush head by placing on metal shaft and pushing down. Remove brush head by pulling up. Note: A gap between brush head and handle is normal. 3. Avoid splattering: place brush in mouth before turning on. 4. Press power on/off button to turn on. 5. Brush normally with light pressure for 2 minutes. 6. Automatically turns off after two minutes. 7. Replace brush heads every 3 months or sooner if needed. The toothbrush is safe to use on: Braces (brush heads wear out sooner when used on braces). Dental restorations (fillings, crowns, veneers). Cleaning and storage: Clean head with water and wipe handle regularly with a damp cloth only. Store in a cool dry location when not used. Disposal: At product end of life - do not throw away in trash can; recycle products and batteries appropriately.

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