Near East Herbed Chicken Couscous Mix

Near East Herbed Chicken Couscous Mix

Near East

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Estate bottled. Est. 1870. Aged 11 months. Please enjoy responsibly. Certification of estate bottling - Casa Herradura. 40% alc/vol {80 proof}. From the village of Amatitan, Jal. Produced at Casa Herradura, Camino, A La Barranca Del Tecuane No. 10 Amatitan Jalisco, Mexico CP 45380.
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Couscous (Precooked Semolina), Autolyzed Yeast Extract*, Natural Flavors, Carrots*, Salt, Onions*, Parsley*, Garlic*, Natural Chicken Flavor, Spices, Celery*, Turmeric Spice Which Imparts Color, Soy Protein .*Dried.


Microwave Directions1. In round 2-quart microwavable glass casserole, combine 11/4 cups water, 2 teaspoons olive oil or butter and contents of Spice Sack.2. Cover; microwave at High 5 to 6 minutes or until boiling*.3. Add couscous; cover; Let stand 5 minutes.4. Fluff couscous lightly with fork before serving.*Microwave ovens may vary. Adjust times as needed. Low Fat DirectionsFollow package directions, except omit olive oil or butter. (See Nutrition Information for Sodium Content.) High Altitude PreparationAt high altitudes, increase water to 1-1/3 cups and stand time to 7 minutes.

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