Kingsford Instant Charcoal Briquets with Mesquite

Kingsford Instant Charcoal Briquets with Mesquite


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Delicate and smoky flavor. Great with beef, vegetables. New! Ready in 10 minutes. No lighter fluid needed. Sure fire grooves! The Kingsford difference: No lighter fluid needed; Easy lighting; Ready to cook in about 10 minutes. Looking for tips on how to grill - anything? Mesquite
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Pull from end on front of bag. 1. Stack briquets in a pyramid. Do not overfill your grill. Use no more than 3 lb (about 40 briquets). Light immediately. 2. Light with match in several places. Stand back after lighting. Do not use lighter fluid or an electric or chimney-style starter. Leave grill uncovered. 3. Spread briquets & cook. Flames will die out. In about 10 minutes, when briquets are covered in ash, spread evenly and begin cooking. 4. Always close bag tightly after use.

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