Jack Daniel's Wood Smoking Chips

Jack Daniel's Wood Smoking Chips

Jack Daniel's

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180 cubic inches. (2.94 liter). Made from 100% Jack Daniel's oak aging barrels. For use in all grills and smokers. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is aged in charred white oak barrels. During the aging process, the whiskey is drawn in and out of the wood, giving it its distinctive color
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Option 1: 1. Soak chips in water for thirty minutes. 2. Spread out hot charcoal. 3. Drain water off of chips. Place presoaked chips over hot charcoal. 4. Place food on the grill while the chips are smoking. Option 2: 1. Use dry chips. 2. Spread out hot charcoal. 3. Spread dry chips evenly on coals and let flame. 4. When the flame is gone, place food on the grill and cook. Option 3: 1. For use in electric and gas grills. 2. Wrap dry chips in foil, forming a cylinder shape, leaving ends partially open. 3. Place foil wrapped chips on heated lava rocks and grill as usual.

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