Gorilla Glue Glue White

Gorilla Glue Glue White

Gorilla Glue

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TOUGH, EXPANDING, STICKS-TO-EVERYTHING WHITE GLUEThe same serious strength you expect from Original Gorilla Glue, in a dries white, faster formula. White Gorilla Glue is a 100% waterproof glue, safe for indoor and outdoor use and strong enough to stand up to the elements. The white glue easily
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All surfaces must be clean and tight fitting. Wear gloves to avoid skin contact. White Gorilla Glue will stain skin and ruin clothes. 3 Easy steps: 1. Damp it: White Gorilla Glue is cured with moisture. Lightly dampen one surface with water. Do not add water to bottle. 2. Glue it: Spread a thin layer of white Gorilla Glue on other surface. A little goes a long way. Do not over apply glue. 3. Clamp it®: Clamp objects together for 30-60 minutes. You can use heavy objects to achieve clamping pressure. Bond line improves with better clamping. Storage: After each use, wipe nozzle clean with a dry cloth and tightly replace lid. Store in a cool, dry place.

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