Flonase Children's Nasal Spray Allergy Relief

Flonase Children's Nasal Spray Allergy Relief


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24 Hour Relief of:• Itchy, Watery Eyes• Nasal Congestion• Runny Nose• Itchy Nose• Sneezing


Active Ingredient (in Each Spray)...PurposeFluticasone Propionate (Glucocorticoid) (50mcg)...Allergy Symptom Reliever Inactive ingredientsBenzalkonium Chloride, Dextrose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Phenylethyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 80, Purified Water, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose.


Directions• Read the Quick Start Guide for how to:• prime the bottle• use the spray• clean the spray nozzle• shake gently before each use• use this product only once a day• do not use more than directedAdults and Children 12 Years of Age and Older• Week 1—use 2 sprays in each nostril once daily• Week 2 through 6 months—use 1 or 2 sprays in each nostril once daily, as needed to treat your symptoms• After 6 months of daily use—ask your doctor if you can keep using.Children 4 to 11 Years of Age• The growth rate of some children may be slower while using this product. Children should use for the shortest amount of time necessary to achieve symptom relief. Talk to your child's doctor if your child needs to use the spray longer for two months a year.• an adult should supervise use• use 1 spray in each nostril once dailyChildren Under 4 Years of Age• do not use Other Information• you may start to feel relief the first day and full effect after several days of regular, once-a-day use• store between 4deg and 30degC (39deg and 86degF)• keep the label and enclosed materials. They contain important additional information. Be sure to read the Quick Start Guide and Question & Answer Book inside package

Always refer to the actual package for the most accurate information