Fire & Flavor Cedar Grilling Planks

Fire & Flavor Cedar Grilling Planks

Fire & Flavor

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All natural. Perfect for fish; chicken; beef; pork; seafood; veggies. Gas or charcoal grills. All natural. Made simple. Robust, sweet, smoky flavor. Perfect for salmon, meats and other seafood. All natural. No artificial flavorings. Find recipes & tips at Please
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1. Soak plank under water for at least one hour. 2. Heat grill to 350 degrees F, add soak plank to grill rack, close cover, heat 3 minutes and flip plank. 3. Smoke add food to heated plank, close cover; cook until done, no turning or flipping necessary. 4. Eat super-moist seafood, meats, or vegetables with rich, all natural smoky flavor. Note: If not overly charred, planks may be scrubbed with hot water and re-used up to 2 times.

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