Clorox Scrub Singles Citrus Blend Scrubbing Pads

Clorox Scrub Singles Citrus Blend Scrubbing Pads


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3.5 x 5 inch. Scrubbing pads loaded with Clorox cleaner. New! Powers through grease! Stove tops. Sinks & faucets. Countertops. Powerful cleaning without the hassle! One pad cleans. Multiple surfaces. Strong & flexible. 1. Wet. 2. Scrub. 3. Toss. Questions or comments? Please visit
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Contains: Nonionic Surfactants.


For Use: To Clean: Wet pad with water and squeeze to activate cleaner. Scrub surfaces to clean. Rewet pad to release more cleaner. Rinse or wipe up foam from surface. For delicate or painted surfaces, test small area first. Not recommended on unsealed marble, copper, aluminum or dark colored Corian surfaces. Disposal: Toss pad in trash when finished.

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