Avery Big Tab Insertable Dividers - 8 CT

Avery Big Tab Insertable Dividers - 8 CT


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With Big Tab Insertable Dividers you get 1.5 times more printing space on the tab inserts, so you can use larger fonts or more lines of text. A unique tab design keeps your inserts from falling out with the help of a secure indent point at the base of the
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Printing tips. Once you have completed your design, print on a plain sheet of paper. Hold the printed sheet behind the Avery� product to check the alignment of your layout. Due to variations between printers, slight adjustments to the layout may be necessary. If the entire sheet is slightly misaligned and you can change the margin settings in your software application, try adjusting the top and/or left margins slightly. When satisfied with the layout, print onto the Avery� product. Feed the sheet as appropriate for your particular printer. Print a half-sheet - save the rest for later. Notes: only for printers capable of feeding 8.5" x 5.5" paper sizes. 1. Split insert sheet in half-horizontally. 2. Feed into printer on non-perforated side (see arrows on top and bottom of insert sheet). Big tabs are better! Use large size fonts or print more lines of text on big inserts. Keep inserts from falling out of tab with secure indent point. Slide in or remove inserts easily with easy-access notch. Easy access notch. Human resources. Secure indent point. Bit tab. Standard. Feed this end into printer. Avery Big Tab inserts for dividers - 8 tab. Printing your inserts is easy! Step 1 - format. 1. Using one of the solutions in these instructions, type your tab titles in the template. Step 2 - print. 2. Use your laser or ink jet printer to print titles onto the insert sheets. Step 3 - Insert. 3. Fold inserts in half and slide into Big Tab. Side-by-side printing allows tab to be read from both sides.

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