Aura Cacia Tea Tree Cleansing Essential Oil

Aura Cacia Tea Tree Cleansing Essential Oil

Aura Cacia

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Pure essential oils. Character: Experience the clean, spicy-medicinal aroma of tea tree, the natural alternative to harsh chemical-based purifiers. Benefit: Tea tree oil will protect your body and purify your environment. Aroma: Sweet, medicinal. Tested & verified for purity. Not tested on
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Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree)


Suggested Usage: Natural Hand Wipes: 25 paper towels (individual sheets); 1 freezer zip-lock bag; 1 tbsp. rubbing alcohol; 15 drops tea tree essential oil; 3 drops lavender essential oil. Combine oils with alcohol, soak paper towels, then store in zip-lock bag. Purifying Room Diffusion: 4 oz. water; 10 drops tea tree essential oil; 1 aromatherapy candle lamp. Add water and oil to lamp. Light candle and allow vapors to purify air space. Aromatherapy Tips: Rub a few preventative drops onto palms and fingers. Add several drops to rinse water to purify surfaces.

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