ArtSkills Acrylic Paints - 12 CT

ArtSkills Acrylic Paints - 12 CT


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Acrylic Paint comes in 12 vibrant colors that are sure to give you the best shade for every project! This paint is perfect for both small and large paint projects and provides you with vibrant colors in every stroke! Ages 8+. Tip 1: Paint dries quickly. Tip 2: Thoroughly wash
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Paint dries quickly. Can be thinned with water. Thoroughly wash hands and brushes with soap and water. Paint color mixing guide: Primary red. Intermediate red-orange. Secondary orange. Intermediate yellow-orange. Primary yellow. Intermediate yellow-green. Secondary green. Intermediate blue-green. Primary blue. Intermediate blue-violet. Secondary violet. Intermediate red-violet. Primary red + Primary yellow = Intermediate red-orange. Primary yellow + Primary blue = Secondary green. Primary blue + Intermediate red-violet = Intermediate blue-violet. Add white to lighten. Add black to darken. Mix together an equal amount of primary red and primary yellow paints to create an even orange color. Then try to make every color on the color wheel. See how closely you can match what's above!

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