Affresh Washing Machine Clean

Affresh Washing Machine Clean


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No. 1 recommended washer cleaner (based on washer manufacturer recommendations). Cleans washers better than bleach! A sticky, odor causing residue can form in machines when too much or the wrong type of detergent is used. Affresh washer cleaner penetrates deep into the machine, breaking up
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Used once a month, Affresh washer cleaner keeps your machine fresh and clean. Remove clothing or other items. Place tablet in washer, not in dispenser. For a fresher and cleaner washer, use Affresh washer cleaner once a month. Add 1 tablet to washer once a month using a normal cycle with the hot water setting. For washers with a clean washer cycle, add 1 tablet to the washer and run the cycle. For machines where odor is present, run 3 wash cycles consecutively using 1 tablet in each cycle. Follow the same instructions as above. Remove any residue which may be left behind. Septic tank safe. Washer safe.

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