The First Years Thermometer, Digital, Multi-Use, From Birth

The First Years Thermometer, Digital, Multi-Use, From Birth

The First Years

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Be Red Cross ready. American Red Cross. Versatile for your convenience. For oral, rectal or underarm use. Fast, accurate and reliable. Flex-tip for baby's comfort. Ready, Set, Help: The First Years will pay 2-3% of the purchase price of this product to the American Red Cross. On/off button. Gives
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To use: Important: Clean thermometer before and after each use. If thermometer has been in a cold environment, allow it to warm to room temperature (about 15 minutes) before use. Avoid storing at temperatures above 140 degrees F. Position Thermometer: For Rectal Use: Lubricate the tip with water-soluble jelly such as K-Y. For easier insertion, position baby so his back and legs form a 90-degree (L-shaped) angle. Try placing child on your lap with his legs down, or lay him on a bed or changing table using a small pillow to raise his hips slightly. Spread the buttocks with one hand while using the other to gently insert the thermometer tip into the rectum never more than 1/2 inch. The guard above the tip is designed to help prevent over-insertion. Never force the thermometer. Hold it gently in place until reading is complete. Important For sanitary reasons, once this thermometer has been used for a rectal reading, do not use it for an oral reading. For Underarm Use: Place sensor tip in the very center of the underarm next to bare skin (skin should be clean and dry). Hold your child's arm close to his body. Slide thermometer into the center of the underarm. For Oral Use (Older Child): Place thermometer under child's tongue (slightly to the left or right) as far back as comfortably possible. Instruct your child to keep his lips closed during the reading. Take Temperature: 1. Remove thermometer from protective cover. 2. Press the on/off button once. You will hear one quick beep. Thermometer will display standard pretest 188.8 degree. Position sensor tip as described above. 3. Hold thermometer in place until it beeps again and display stops flashing (about one minute). 4. You may read temperature before or after removing thermometer (see Digital Display below). 5. Press and release the on/off button to turn the thermometer off. (If you forget, it will turn off automatically in about 10 minutes.) Reminder: Clean thermometer before placing it back in cover. See instructions below. Memory Recall: To display last recorded temperature, press and hold the on/off button for 2 seconds. Last recorded temperature will display. The Digital Display: Underarm Reading: An underarm temperature will be about one degree lower than a temperature taken orally. To calculate oral equivalent precisely, add 0.9 degrees F (0.5 degrees C) to the display from the display. L indicates a reading is below 90.0 degrees F. H indicates a reading above 109.9 degrees F. 188.8 degrees is a normal pre-test display. Indicates battery needs to be changed. ERR indicates thermometer is malfunctioning and should be replaced. Range: 90.0 - 109.9 degrees F. Accuracy: Accuracy is plus (+) or minus (-) 0.2 degrees F between 96.0 degrees F and 106.0 degrees F. For the remainder of the range, accuracy is plus (+) or minus (-) 0.5 degrees F. Operating Temperature: 50 to 104 degrees F. Storage Temperature: -13 to 140 degrees F, humidity of 15% to 95% (noncondensing). To Clean: Wipe surface with a damp cloth or sponge using mild liquid soap. Wipe with clear water. Wipe dry or air dry. Do not immerse in water. To sterilize sensor tip and contoured base: Wipe with soft cloth or cotton ball or swab that has been dampened with isopropyl alcohol. Wipe dry. To Replace Battery: If display is unclear, or blank, battery needs to by replaced. Use a GP392 or SR-41 silver oxide battery, or the equivalent. 1. Insert a pointed object into safety tab hole to release battery compartment cover. 2. Use a toothpick or insulated probe to remove the battery. Avoid using any sharp metal object. Be sure to dispose of battery properly (see Warning below). 3. Insert new battery, with + side facing up and - side facing down. 4. Replace cover and snap into place.

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