Taylor Thermometer, Candy & Deep Fry

Taylor Thermometer, Candy & Deep Fry from H-E-B

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The Taylor Candy/Jelly Deep Fry Thermometer features large, easy-to-read temperature zones, a spirit-filled glass thermometer tube and common temperatures etched into the casing. With a range up to 400F, or 200C, this durable stainless steel product helps ensure that your recipes come out
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Deep Fry Temperatures: Oil Temp Degrees F: 355 degrees; 365 degrees; 375 degrees; 350 degrees. Oil Temp Degrees C: 168 degrees; 185 degrees; 191 degrees; 178 degrees. Temperatures and Test for Candy: Test: Thread; Product: Syrup; 230 degrees F; 110 degrees C. Test: Soft Ball; Product: Fudge; 240 degrees F; 116 degrees C. Test: Firm Ball; Product: Caramels; 248 degrees F; 120 degrees C. Test: Hard Ball; Product: Marshmallow; 260 degrees F; 127 degrees C. Test: Soft Crack; Product: Popcorn ball, butterscotch; 285 degrees F; 141 degrees C. Test: Hard Crack; Product: Taffies, brittle; 302 degrees F; 150 degrees C. For accurate readings, make sure the thermometer stem tip does not touch the bottom of the pan. Adjust the pan clip to the correct positioning and clip to the edge of the pan. The bottom of the steal housing can rest on the bottom of the pan. Separated Fluid: Sometimes the red fluid inside the thermometer may separate and must be reunited before use. Remove the thermometer from the card and gently tap the bulb end of the thermometer against the palm of your hand. Pause in between taps to permit the liquid to rejoin. Continue until there is no longer separation in the fluid. Cleaning and Care: Handwash only. Do not immerse in water or put in dishwasher. If the thermometer does not clean easily, soak overnight in dish soap.

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