Taylor Pro Anti Microbial Instant Read Thermometer

Taylor Pro Anti Microbial Instant Read Thermometer


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Taylor Pro Anti-microbial Instant Read Thermometer• Multi-purpose use: Meat, Candy, Grilling, Soups ect. • Waterproof• Hold feature allows you to remove thermometer & view temp• Safe-T Guard case and sleeve inhibits the growth of bacteria odor and mold
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General Operation: 1. Press on/off switch to turn on. 2. Press degrees C/degrees F to select temperature scale. 3. Insert stainless steel probe at least 1 inch into food. 4. The 'hold' function allows internal temperature readings to be held on the display even when the thermometer is removed from the food. Press 'hold' to freeze the display and press 'hold' again to release. Battery Replacement: 1. Open the battery compartment by turning the cover clockwise, using a coin in the slot. Take care when installing the battery to prevent damage. 2. Insert battery with the + sign facing up. 3. Close the compartment. Note: Electrostatic interference may affect first use of the thermometer. If the thermometer does not initially work, remove the battery and reinstall it. Important: Taylor's Safe-T-Guard sleeve & housing incorporates an EPA registered product that inhibits the growth of bacterial odor and mold on the sleeve & housing. It is important to thoroughly clean and disinfect your thermometer after each use.

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