Surf Sweets Sparkling Ocean Detergent

Surf Sweets Sparkling Ocean Detergent

Surf Sweets

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120 loads (this package contains 120 loads (as measured to the lower line on the scoop). The precise number of loads from each package will vary somewhat with the size of wash load, method of measurement and the settling during shipment). Save up to 25% per load vs leading 120
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Enzymes, Perfume, Water Softeners, Brightener, Sodium Percarbonate and Processing Aids, Includes Biodegradable Anionic and/or Nonionic Surfactants


Follow garment care label instructions. 1. Start washer. 2. Add detergent. For family size loads, fill scoop to top line. For medium size loads, fill scoop to lower line. 3. Add clothes. For Tough Stains: Test the clothes to make sure color won't run. Wet the stain, then mix a small amount of Surf powder and water to make a paste; rub the paste into the stain. Wash your clothes like you normally would.

Always refer to the actual package for the most accurate information