Sun Triple Clean Clean & Fresh Laundry Detergent Powder

Sun Triple Clean Clean & Fresh Laundry Detergent Powder


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Sun Regular Powder Detergent 35 Loads 49 OZ.


Contains Anionic and/or Nonionic Surfactants. Product Includes Biodegradable Cleaning Agents. Safe for Septic Systems. Contains No Phosphates.


Use as directed for best results. 1. Sort laundry, then select water temperature. Begin filling washer with water. Pretreat: First check inside seam for colorfastness. Then rub a small amount directly into the stain before washing. 2. Use dosing cup to measure. Fill scoop to lower line for regular loads. Use more for large or heavily soiled loads. 3. Add Sun® to washer before laundry. See garment-care label or hangtag for washing instructions. Follow manufacturer's instructions regarding the care of all washable fabrics. Some fabrics may change color during laundering due to color variants in fabrics. Be sure to test for colorfastness before laundering. Colorfastness test: Dip a hidden corner of fabric in detergent and hot water. Rinse and let dry. Proceed if color is unchanged. Pretreat: Use for a few small spots. For best results, pretreat with detergent as soon as stain occurs. Rinse the stained area, apply a paste of detergent and water. Rub gently, and wash as usual.

Always refer to the actual package for the most accurate information