Scotch Mounting Tape Heavy Duty

Scotch Mounting Tape Heavy Duty


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Wall-mount pictures, decorations, and dispensed paper products. Use on most types of walls, ceramic tiles, and wood surfaces that are clean, dry and smooth.• 1 x 125 in• Holds up to 2 lbs (900 g)• Strong, double sided foam tape• Safer (safer application process) than
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Instructions: follow these easy-to-mount steps. Use 4 inches (101, 6 mm) of tape for each 1/2 pound (227 g) of weight to be mounted. Use only for mounting objects up to 2 pounds (900 g) maximum. Note: This is a heavy duty tape and may cause damage if removed. If you must remove the mounted object, insert a knife behind the mounted object and carefully cut the tape between the adhesive surfaces. Remove the remaining material on both surfaces with a thumbnail. 1. Make light pencil lines on wall at key points around object to be mounted. 2. Cut lengths needed from roll. Do not remove protective liner, as yet. 3. Press tape into position on back of object to be mounted. Press firmly on liner for good adhesive contact. 4. Remove liner and press firmly into place on wall.

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