Scoop Away Multi-Cat Scented Scoopable Cat Litter

Scoop Away Multi-Cat Scented Scoopable Cat Litter

Scoop Away

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Scoop Away® Multi-Cat Scented with Maximum Ammonia Shield. New! Improved odor control! 14 lb. Scoopable cat litter


To open carton: 1. Push in tab to tear open. 2. Pull out tab to pour. Instructions for use: 1. Fill your clean litter box with 3 to 4 inches of Scoop Away® clumping cat litter. For best results, do not mix Scoop Away® litter with non-clumping cat litter. 2. Remove clumps and solids daily, and dispose in trash. Do not flush. The rest of the litter stays fresh. 3. Add more Scoop Away® litter as necessary to replace what you remove. Once a month, empty entire litter box. Dispose of contents in the trash. To reduce tracking of litter, place a rug or mat around the litter box. High-sided, rimmed or covered litter boxes are recommended. When trying Scoop Away® clumping cat litter for the first time, be sure to give your cat time to adjust. We recommend sprinkling a thin layer of Scoop Away® litter on top of the litter you normally use. Once your cat has adjusted, empty the litter box completely and refill with Scoop Away® litter to ensure best results.

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