Krazy Glue Instant All Purpose Glue Pen

Krazy Glue Instant All Purpose Glue Pen

Krazy Glue

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Krazy strong, krazy fast. No. 1 super glue (Based on USA 2011 retail sales data.). Control drop applicator. Easy to hold, easy to use. Bonds: ceramic, plastic, wood, glass, porcelain, metal, leather, rubber, vinyl. The No. 1 super glue, Krazy Glue creates an instant bond that's ultra-strong and
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Read instructions before using: 1. Protect work area. Glue may damage fabrics and furniture finishes. 2. Remove red, airtight can. Never cut or pierce tip. 3. Point tip of pen up and depress against hard surface. This equalizes pressure. 4. Parts to be glued should be clean and dry. Parts must mate. Metals may have to be cleaned with a solvent or scraped. Dampen porous ceramics on one side and apply glue to dry side. 5. Gently depress tip on one side of part. 6. Join the parts and press for 30 seconds. Not for use on foam, rear view mirrors, polyethylene, or fluorinated resin. Do not put bonded items in oven or on stove. Do not use to attach artificial nails. Store in cool, dark place.

Always refer to the actual package for the most accurate information