Humco Iodides Tincture

Humco Iodides Tincture


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Humco Iodide Tincture Antiseptic is an effective and safe topical antiseptic. This 2-fl oz container of Humco First Aid Antiseptic is used to prevent infections in scrapes, burns and minor cuts. It is recommended that you clean the affected area, and then apply a little amount of the Iodine
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Active Ingredients: Alcohol 45% Denatured with Ammonia, Ammonium & Potassium Iodides. Purpose: Antiseptic. Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water.


Directions: Clean the affected area. Apply a small amount to the affected area 1 to 3 times daily. May be covered with sterile bandage. If bandaged let dry first.

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