Henna 100% Botanical Hair Color and Conditioner, Persian Medium Brown (Chestnut)

Henna 100% Botanical Hair Color and Conditioner, Persian Medium Brown (Chestnut)


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100% organic - no chemicals or preservatives added. Rainbow Henna coats each hair shaft with color. Smooths and seals the hair's cuticle for greater shine. Textures hair and gives it body. Blends naturally. Fades gradually. Lasts 4-6 weeks. Neutral Henna is a natural, colorless conditioner for
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Medium Brown Henna - Lawsonia Inermis, Indigofereae.


Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use in the area of the eye or if scalp has open cuts. Not for use on bleaches or white hair. A strand test should be done if hair is over 10% grey. Helpful Accessories: Plastic or glass bowl; Plastic or wooden spoon; Oil, vaseline, or cream; Plastic or rubber gloves; Tint brush or 1-1/2 paint brush; Cotton or tissues; Plastic bag or plastic wrap; Protective cape or old towel. Preparation: Rainbow Henna may be applied on wet or dry hair, but it is important that the hair be clean. If you wish to shampoo first, towel hair dry. Apply cream, oil, or vaseline around the hairline, ears, and neck to avoid staining your skin. Directions: Pour 4 oz (1 cup) Rainbow Henna into a glass or plastic bowl. Gradually add 1 cup boiling water. Use a wooden or plastic spoon to mix thoroughly to a creamy consistency. (More liquid can be added if mixture is too thick.) For Rainbow Neutral Henna, mix 2 oz (1/2 cup) with 1 cup boiling water. Application: Wear plastic or rubber gloves to avoid staining your hands. 1. Section hair. Sections should be about 1 inch thick. 2. Begin at the scalp and paint on the Henna with a brush from roots to the ends. 3. Continue until all the hair is thickly coated with the Henna mixture. 4. Place a cotton or tissue band around the hairline. Cover the hair with a plastic bag or plastic wrap. Timing: For best results, use a dryer, heat lamp, or Thermo Heat Cap (see other fine Henna products). Leave on as follows: Black, red, sherry, mahogany, burgundy, dark brown, medium brown, and copper - with heat 45 minutes; without heat 60-75 minutes. Strawberry blonde, blonde, marigold blonde, light brown and neutral - with heat 30 minutes; without heat 45-60 minutes. When timing is completed, rinse thoroughly with hot water, then rinse with cool water. Follow with henna shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and style. Special Recipes and Hints - Coffee: To help tone down red tones, deepen brown-red tones, or cover grey, substitute coffee for water. Use brewed, black coffee (not instant or decaffeinated). After coffee is brewed, bring to a boil. Mix as directed. Teas: Ceylon or black China tea will add gold highlights to light brown henna. Red zinger tea enriches red tones in burgundy, sherry, mahogany, and red henna. Chamomile tea brightens and adds highlights to neutral, blonde, or marigold blonde henna. Let tea steep for 20-30 minutes. Bring to a boil. Substitute tea for water. Mix as directed. Apple Cider Vinegar: To help color hold on grey hair, add 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar to Henna mixture. Lemon Juice: To lighten blonde shades, add 2 tbsp lemon juice to Henna mixture. To Deepen Red Shades: Red, sherry, mahogany, or burgundy can be deepened by mixing a darker shade. For example, 3 oz (3/4 cup) Mahogany + 1 oz (1/4 cup) Dark Brown = Dark Auburn. Dry Hair: Add 1 egg, 2-4 tbsp olive oil, or 2-4 tbsp plain yogurt to Henna mixture. These natural ingredients not only condition, but help with the application and rinsing processes. Questions and Answers: Can I Try a Test Strand First? Yes. Mix about 1 tsp Henna with 1 tbsp boiling water. Apply to 1 inch section of hair (enough to wrap around a finger). Wrap in plastic wrap. Leave on for required time (see Timing). Rinse off, shampoo, and dry. Can Henna Be Used on Grey Hair? If you have over 10% grey, we suggest doing a test strand first. The following formulas work best: Medium Brown Henna + brewed coffee + apple cider vinegar. Dark Brown Henna + brewed coffee + apple cider vinegar. Light Brown Henna + Ceylon or Black China Tea + apple cider vinegar (see Special Recipes and Hints). Can I Henna After a Perm? Yes. After perming, wait 2 weeks or 5 shampoos before applying Henna. This will allow the hair to be free of any chemical residue. Can I Perm After a Henna? Henna coats the hair shaft and, in some cases, prevents the chemicals in the perm lotion from penetrating. Prior to a perm, remove Henna (see following question). What Is the Best Way To Remove Henna? To help remove Henna from the hair shaft, apply warm mineral oil to the hair. Leave on 20-25 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Shampoo out. This procedure is good prior to using a perm or chemical tint/color. Is Henna Safe to Use Over a Chemical Tint? Yes. If the hair is in excellent condition, Rainbow Henna can be used over a chemical tint. However, this is not its purpose. Henna should never be used over bleached or white hair. Can Hair Be Lightened After a Henna? No. The Henna color will remain on the hair even if high lift blonde tints or bleaches are used. Will Henna Lighten Hair? No. Henna does not contain any lightening chemicals. Blonde Henna brings out yellow and light brown highlights. Marigold Blonde brings out gold and yellow highlights. Both add shine and body to grey hair. How Often Can I Use Henna? Neutral Henna can be done every 4 weeks. All other shades can be used every 4 to 6 weeks.

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