Hartz Just For Cats 100% Pure Catnip

Hartz Just For Cats 100% Pure Catnip


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Cat toy. 100% pure catnip. Catnip provides energy and fun for most cats. Obesity in cats is a major concern among owners. Hartz Catnip will help to stimulate cats, increasing play and exercise. You will see them sniffing, licking and chewing at the catnip. The effect will last around 10
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How to use: To give your cat the most pleasure from catnip, take a small amount of product and pinch and roll it between your fingers. This will release the oils in the product making it even more potent. Sprinkle some on the floor and watch your cat roll around and enjoy the catnip. Use catnip to attract your cat to areas you want your cat to play, such as scratching posts. Revive cat toys by rubbing them with catnip.

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