Flents Insty Splint Two Sided Finger

Flents Insty Splint Two Sided Finger


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Contains 1 medium & 1 large two-sided splint. Tape free! Easy to apply and remove. No more tape! Tape free design. Hook & loop bands secure splint. Padded for comfort. Protects injured finger! Used to hold an injured finger in the desired position and to prevent further irritation and
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Instructions for Use: Step 1: Cleanse finger and wound. Stop any bleeding by direct pressure on wound using a clean gauze pad and elevating hand until bleeding has stopped. Step 2: Apply a small amount of antibiotic cream to any areas of broken skin. Step 3: If skin is broken, use a small non-stick sterile gauze pad on wound. Wrap the gauze around finger 1-2 times. To secure the dressing, wrap thin strips of adhesive tape around gauze 1-2 times. Step 4: Place the finger in center of splint and gently apply pressure around splint to mold fit. Fasten hook & loop bands to hold splint in place. Splint should be snug but not tight. Step 5: If fracture or dislocation is suspected or if redness, numbness, swelling, rash, or pain persists, consult your doctor at once. Discontinue use if product shows signs of wear.

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