Dr Brown's Natural Flow Baby Bottle - 4 OZ

Dr Brown's Natural Flow Baby Bottle - 4 OZ

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3-pack 4 oz/120 ml. Contents: 3 - 4 oz standard baby bottles; 3 - Level-One silicone nipples; 3 - two-piece patented internal vents; 1 - cleaning brush; instructions. Helps maintain vitamins C, A & E. Patented internal vent system is proven to minimize oxidation of breastmilk and formula to
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3 (L) X 6, 5 (W) X 2, 5 (H):- Product Weight: -8 Oz


1. Cover/cap (with 3 air holes). 2. Nipple collar. 3. Nipple. 4. Travel disk (not for use during feeding). 5. Insert. 6. Reservoir bulb. 7. Reservoir tube. 8. Vent assembly: Please press firmly together to prevent leakage. For proper feeding use only Handi-Craft or Dr. Brown's Natural Flow� nipples. Assembly and feeding instructions: [Please refer to diagram]. Note: The bottle will not function without the insert and reservoir. 1. Avoid formula bubbles: Do not shake the bottle. Formula should be stirred gently to fully dissolve lumps - they can clog nipple holes. 2. Fill to the desired amount. The vent will not work properly if you fill the bottle above the fill line warning. 3. Snap the reservoir fully onto the insert. 4. Place the reservoir into the bottle, with the insert making full contact with the top of the bottle. 5. Snap the nipple into the nipple collar and place loosely on the bottle. 6. Warm the bottle - always remove all bottle components before warming to prevent the vent from leaking fluid if gas forms during warming. 7. Do not warm the liquid beyond body temperature of 98.6 degrees F (37 degrees C). Always test temperature of liquid before feeding baby. 8. Be sure to tighten the collar snugly before feeding, but do not over-tighten. 9. When you use formula, make it up strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Reminders: A. The nipple included has been specifically selected for an infant's first use of the free-flowing characteristics of the Dr. Brown's Natural Flow� venting system. Faster flowing level 2, level 3, level 4 and Y-Cut versions of the nipple are available for all Dr. Browns baby bottles. There is also a slower flow preemie nipple available for the standard bottle only. Nipples of other brands may leak or feed too fast or too slow. B. When feeding your baby, hold the bottle so that the reservoir tube hole in the bottom of the bottle is not covered by liquid. (Approximately at a 45 degrees angle). C. Keep your baby propped up rather than lying down during feeding. D. While the vent continuously equalizes pressure, movement of any liquid remaining in the reservoir tube is normal. E. If the reservoir bulb remains over 1/3 full when the bottle is placed upright, please check that the nipple hole is clear and that the insert and reservoir are firmly pressed together The reservoir bulb can be emptied by momentarily loosening the nipple collar. [Be sure to retighten before feeding]. F. When transporting bottles, always keep them upright and use travel disk to help prevent leaking. G. For proper bottle and venting functions, use only Dr. Brown's Natural Flow� nipples. H. Keep nipples out of direct sunlight when not in use. Sunlight is known to cause deterioration of nipples. I. Change nipples after approximately 6 weeks of use. When used and sterilized intensively, nipples may deteriorate after 6 weeks. All Dr Brown's bottles, nipples and bottle accessories are tested according to EN 14350; the baby bottle feeding standard for Europe.

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