Downy Libre Enjuague Aroma Floral Fabric Softener

Downy Libre Enjuague Aroma Floral Fabric Softener


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Downy now comes in Downy Aroma Floral. A refreshing blend of floral scents inspired by a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Imagine a field full of purple lavender and that's what this new scent delivers! While delivering the soothing, calming, sweet smelling and healing effects of lavender, Downy
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How to use: Hand Wash: 1. Prepare your solution by adding one cap of Downy Libre Enjuague to enough water to cover all your clothes. Mix well.2. Remove excess suds after washing by wringing your clothes. No rinse needed.3. Soak clothes in your Downy Libre Enjuague solution as usual, and notice how suds are instantly removed.4. Wring and dry. Machine Wash: Add one cap of Downy Libre Enjuague of the first rinse. No additional rinse needed. To avoid temporary staining, do not add Downy directly on fabric. For best results: For loads with excessive suds, heavily soiled, or extra heavy loads, rinse them slightly before adding the fabric softener. When using bleach while washing, make sure to remove bleach completely before adding fabric softener to your laundry.

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