Dixie 5oz Bath Cups - 100 CT

Dixie 5oz Bath Cups - 100 CT


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The disposable 5 oz. Dixie® Cup is an ideal solution for mealtimes, snacks and crafts.• 5oz. all-purpose cups• 100 cups• Designs may vary• Great for use with the Dixie® Cup Dispenser


Pop letters. 1. Gather your supplies: Dixie® cups. Cardstock. Paper packaging tape. Glue. Scissors. Decorations! 2. Make your letters: Pick your favorite letter, draw it out on thick cardstock, and cut it out. Use the cut piece to trace the same shape in another piece of cardstock so you have two identical letter cut-outs. 3. 3D letter time: Lay down and glue Dixie® cups on one side of the cardstock letter, alternating the cups up and down. Then glue your second cardstock letter to the top. Let the glue dry. 4. Close it up: After the glue has dried, begin taping the sides to connect both pieces of cardstock together. 5. Decorate it! Using paint or other decorations make your pop up letter your own!

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