Dixie 5 oz Cups All-Purpose - 100 CT

Dixie 5 oz Cups All-Purpose - 100 CT


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The disposable 5 oz. Dixie® Cup is an ideal solution for mealtimes, snacks and crafts.• 5oz. all-purpose cups• 100 cups• Designs may vary• Great for use with the Dixie® Cup Dispenser


What you'll need: 1 package of 5 oz Dixie cups. Colored ribbons (each about 2 ft. long). 1 jar creamy peanut butter. 1 bag of wild birdseed. 1. Make a small hole in the bottom of each 5 oz. Dixie cup. 2. Take a piece of ribbon. Knot it on one end, and thread it through the hole so the knot is on the inside of the cup. 3. Spread the outside of the cup with creamy peanut butter. 4. Roll cup in birdseed. Seeds will stick to peanut butter. 5. Tie your bird feeders to tree branches at different heights and enjoy watching the birds.

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