DampRid Moisture Absorber Refill Lavender Vanilla

DampRid Moisture Absorber Refill Lavender Vanilla


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Cleaner, drier indoor air with a gentle touch of lavender and vanilla scent — DampRid® Lavender Vanilla Refillable Moisture Absorbers bring a long-lasting freshness to your home and family. Featuring a 10.5 oz. canister that can be reused over and over again
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Instructions for use: When all white crystals have dissolved in the refillable Moisture Absorber container, empty liquid into toilet and flush. Note - Purple fragrance beads do not dissolve. Discard in trash. Shake bag before pouring while holding closed. Pour crystals into refillable container filling 1" from top Reclose bag. For use in any refillable moisture absorbing container.** **Follow manufacturer's instructions. Keep tightly closed between uses. Store in dry and conditions.

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